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What's the average time to get a contract?

by irissage irissage (New) New

Hi everyone!

On average how long does it take once an agency submits you to a hospital, for you to be accepted by the hospital or not? I have been submitted to two different hospitals by two different agencies earlier this week. , but have not heard anything and I am getting anxious! I have 6 months travel experience in MedSurg and my last contract ended a month ago (I took a permanent job in Corrections when my contract ended, that I hate, and I am desperate to get back into travel nursing!). In your experience are you usually accepted by the hospital you are submitted too, or does it just depend?

Thanks in advance!!

Generally, if you haven't been interviewed in 3 days, your chances are poor. You are competing with a large pool of medsurg travelers and if your profile is at the bottom of a large stack on a manger's desk, it might not ever get looked at. Communication between agencies and hospitals is notoriously bad, so your recruiter may not even know if the position has been filled by a traveler at a different agency. Try to get your recruiters to submit you to other hospitals after 3 days of waiting. Your recruiter should also know exactly what to expect in the way of communication from each hospital.

Find a couple more agencies to improve your odds (of finding a good agency as well as an assignment).