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Greetings All,

A few days ago, I had submitted a post regarding my SAT's & nursing school. Well, I decided that I was going to register for the next SAT test date, so I can have my application reviewed. Well, guess what? After I registered & put in my SSN, DOB, address etc. a message popped up & stated that I "already have an account associated with the information given & my information was sent to the email address already on file.":eek: The info in question is my Name, SSN & DOB.

I've had the same 2 email addresses since 2001 (I neglected my yahoo), so it could have only been sent to one of those (it was sent to my yahoo). Well, my previous username popped up, but I had to reset the password b/c I didn't know the current one. I cannot believe that I actually forgot that I had taken my SAT's. I still don't remember taking them. According to the website, I took the test in June/2004 & my scores were sent on June 16, 2004.

That's about all I remember.First of all, June 16 is my birthday. 2ndly, I was 7 months pregnant with my twins in June; I know my memory was shot to pieces. So, now what am I supposed to do? I had made a big fuss about not taking my SATs, and come to find out, I did. I don't want to appear to be a liar or anything negative. Nor, do I want them saying, "she wants to be a nurse with a memory like that?" How in the world could I have forgotten something like that? All I remember from 2004 was being preggo from the end of Dec/January through August. I was admitted to the hospital & put on bed rest for a month (July) until I delivered them on August 30th (34th week). Prior to that, I was in LPN school. To add insult to injury, my SAT scores were, in my opinion, horrible:eek: 440 Reading; 400 Math. I must have been a complete idiot back then or something. Or, it could have been my pregnancy & me going into labor at 28 weeks.

If you were in my situation, what would you do? Would you just give them those scores or would you retake it, then submit the new scores (which I know will be higher than an 840). :uhoh3:

I would take the ACT's if possible. You can guess with out penalty on the ACT's, and that makes them so much cooler than the SAT's. No matter what you have to get new scores, an 840 just isn't going to cut it (I remember looking into applying to a state school back when 1600 was the max and they wanted a 1020, so if that is baseline for basic undergrad you know you have to do better to be competitive). Oh an one more reason to take the act's, there is no writing portion! The SAT's are now out of 2400 and include an essay...

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Thank you for your reply. You're absolutely correct! An 840 just isn't going to cut it. I think the highest possible score when I took it was 1600. But guess what? I'm already a Jr. in college with a cumulative GPA of 3.77. This past semester, I had a 4.0. My issue is that they want me to give them SAT scores when I'm already admitted to the University. I'm just trying to get into the University's upper division nursing program. I'm not fearful of the writing portion on the SAT. I think back in 2004, I was pregnant & uncomfortable and was probably in a hurry. IDK!

Hopefully, my test taking skills have improved. WISH ME LUCK! What if I take both? What harm could it do? I'm just wondering if I should tell them that I have old scores or just keep it hush-hush!

Hey you forgot about the scores right;)

You could take both, but in my opinion the ACT is a better test as you have the ability to make educated guesses with out fear of losing points if you guess wrong.

Are you getting out of the TEAS? I wish I could just use my ACT scores instead of taking the TEAS. Not that I am opposed to taking it, and I am sure I will do fine, I just don't have time to spend half a day in a assessment center...

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Are you getting out of the TEAS? I wish I could just use my ACT scores instead of taking the TEAS. Not that I am opposed to taking it, and I am sure I will do fine, I just don't have time to spend half a day in a assessment center...

Their testing is called NET (nurse entrance test). No one has told me anything else other than what I mentioned. The only thing that is holding me up is the test scores. I've been at Howard U. off & on since 2006. I transferred to SSU in Savannah, GA & did 3 yrs there. My hubby got out of the Army & we relocated back to the DMV area, so I ended up transferring back to HU. Either way, I really hate taking these tests. I feel like I'm in a big cluster "F-word"

Howard is confusing as heck. I am in DMV too and decided not to even try at Howard after one of my PhD friends told me about their issues, so I know your pain. I thought the teas replaced the net, guess I was wrong. Sorry to hear that you have to take two tests, but at least they follow roughly the same train of thought. Good luck and congrats on your soldier staying home.

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