What Would You Do If This Happened To You?


I clashed with a clincal instructor and I have never had this problem. I totally shut down in performance because she really taunted me. She would go and stand with her foot against the wall and look at me so angrily. I was so exhausted from fear that I just gave up. Do you think when she said "It's a Cultural Issue" that this made me paranoid or uncomfortable. She also compared me to other students that had technical experiences and I did not ("they are up here and you are down here").

Was that professional? Is it good for an instructor to yell at a student. I am 48; a grownup. She stood behind the patient's door and as a staff RN wanted to explain she evaluated me as not knowing how to give SQ injection which was not true.

Encountering this has made me paranoid of my knowledge and instructors. Can you please tell me how to overcome this and should the President of the college be notified in regards to the "Culture Issue" statement?


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If it were me I would: go immediately to the Chair of the Nursing Dept, then to the Dean of the College, then to the President of the College, letting each one know about the incident. Did anyone witness it? Ask them to speak up for you, if so. Objectively write down every detail (okay, be as objective as you can). I would not stand for being treated like you described! The CI is creating a hostile environment and shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.

"Cultural Issue"??? That is a BIG no-no.

Don't sit still and let her get away with this. She is a bully and will continue until someone stops her! These kinds of things make me REALLY angry! Maybe I should talk to her :argue: LOL!!

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I'm sorry you are going through this. NS is tough and having a drill instructor for a CI doesn't make it easier.

Before I get flamed, I know from recent experience that there are those students who are pretty inept and scary to think about as future nurses, never mind being a reflection on the institute they graduated from, therefore some riding is necessary.

However, in my last semester of NS, our instructor at our clinical setting seemed to have it out for EVERY ONE of the older students. This was a woman who has to be nearing 70 herself and I just couldn't get it. Her favorites? Two of the younger females....the lone male and 3 of us who were 40+ got rode hard each and every week right up to the end. Was it justified? I'm sure in some instances it was, but for the most part, it was for insignificant issues or things that she wasn't around to witness and just would take off on a rant from something she "heard through the grapevine". I got to the point that by the last month I just shut my mouth. She wasn't going to listen; didn't want to listen; knew she was always right (including an instance where she as much as called me a liar, then found out later she was wrong. Did she apologize? Oh, heck no, just said she was glad I had told her. Are you kidding me?!?!).

I hope this is a situation that will be short-lived for you as mine was. Graduation just didn't come soon enough. I will agree that any kind of statement regarding "cultural differences" should be followed up on. This is 2008 and that is a big no-no. Unfortunately, I believe that bias also exists out there...

I wish you the best!!

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