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What will happen to PN's?

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What will happen to practical nurses who have finished their course in the Philippines? Would they have a chance to work abroad like in US?

What if I take NCLEX-PN and pass the test, what will happen? Would it be still be useless after passing the test? I am confused on what to do after finishing the practical nursing course. I hope you could give some advise about this.

Please do the reading that is mentioned by Lawrence. That certification is not reconginized by your country for licensure there to start off with. Then add into it the fact that most other countries require the RN after your name for immigration purposes such as the US, Canada, etc. Other countries are phasing out the LPN or EN from their training, such as the UK.

If you wish to work in the nursing world, you will need the RN. Sad thing is that these schools paint a rosy picture for you, but licensure and immigration are two completely different things.

And a license as an RN does not give you a visa to work in other countries.

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