What to wear for Pre-Orientation Meeting


Hi, I'm happy to say that I got accepted into SUNY Brockport's nursing program. On the letter it states that a mandatory Pre-Orientation meeting will be taking place. This meeting will tell upcoming nursing students what is required/to do, such as, registration, health and immunization records, CPR information, equipment, and uniform measurements. I have no idea what to wear, so I'm wondering if this will be appropriate for the occasion: dress shirt (maybe with a sweater vest on top?), skinny jeans, and casual walking shoes? Everything except for the vest/dress shirt is what I usually wear to class everyday. Or maybe business casual? I need your opinions since I'm still on spring break, so I'll know if I should bring my business casual clothing back with me or not. Thanks in advance.


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I have one too .I will be wearing a cardigan with some nice dress pants and some flat.Just no jeans or sneaks.

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I would say to dress as comfortably as you can while at the same time just making a good first impression. I always try to dress business casual my first day anywhere - sets everything off on the right foot. I have a pair of comfy leather loafers and some slacks (nothing too dressy) for that, and I'd probably also wear a button-down shirt and a sweater or jacket.

Oh and... Congratulations and Good luck!!! :yeah::D


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My orientation was Monday and we were required to dress professional. Definitely no jeans!


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vc09-Hi fellow Brockportian!:yeah:Congrat's on getting accepted. I also applied (and attend Brockport) but was denied due to my references. So my spring break SUCKS!!!!!!! :bluecry1: I think what your wearing sounds fine, as it's just an orientation. If it's an interview or something more along those lines I'd of said drop the jeans, but on this note, it sounds perfectly fine. Good luck to you! I wish I could say I'd see ya there!:crying2:

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