What do utilization review nurses do?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I am working as bedside nursing for more than 10 years . ( international and within usa) Now, I feel like I need to spend some time with family and kids , weekend off, holiday off. Looking for M-F jobs . Preferred remote job. I heard about utilization review nurse but I have no idea what we supposed to do as your nurse. Could you please suggest me what will be the option beside bedside . I need a break from this long journey. Thank you .

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Dear Needs Break,

A Utilization Review job checks your boxes in terms of a Monday-Friday job and is a break from bedside practice. You will be on your computer a lot, putting your knowledge and experience to use.

There are on site jobs and remote jobs. Most major insurance companies hire Utilization Review nurses. You can register on indeed.com and other job sites to start searching.

As a Utilization Review nurse, you will assist with pre-authorization and concurrent reviews of patient's treatment and assists the treatment team in understanding the different requirements that various in  You help ensure the appropriate utilization of the organizations' resources.

Check out the Case Management forum here on site.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth