What US state can approve nursing application for examination


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I would like to ask if which state can let me approve to take nclex. I'm a philippine graduate last 2005. I'm quite confused on which state to apply coz I actually wanted to apply here in California but I heard it's hard to get approved.Pls. Help me advice what it the best I can do... I'm living here in California but because of that news I need to apply to another state that will allow me to sit for nclex-rn exam. Thanks...


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Be aware that even if you complete application to another state and pass NCLEX you may still have the same issues as others when applying to CA and may have to consider living and working in another state. This then should be something to think about as I recommend you then apply to the state you want to live and work in. The alternative if you want to stay in CA is look at sitting LVN


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Thanks for the info. How about florida? Cos I do have relatives in florida. I heard from my dean that florida will be following the same rules with California?


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Thanks for the info. How about florida? Cos I do have relatives in florida. I heard from my dean that florida will be following the same rules with California?

As of present, there doesn't seem to be any concurrency issues or other regulations in FL that trips up the PH applicants, but that's not to say the FL BON could simply make it the rule at any time, any day.

A nursing license in any of the 50 states is a privilege, not a right to be granted.

You mentioned you're a grad of 2005, you're borderline with the other grads who have been denied the ATT in CA, but there's been a few posters here who were granted the ATT being 2004-2005 grads.

If I were you, I'd take the chance on applying in CA and know at the same time, if denied for any reasons whatsoever, you will not get any of the applications or processing cost back, it's a gamble.

If you wish to take the bet, just make sure that you have a valid working authorized SS# (not on the one to drive a car or for bank reporting or for general ID purposes). You'll also need a current and valid PH nursing license.

Just know also that the CA BRN has been cracking down on the applicants coming in with degrees from the Phils due to fraudulent documentation.

They will very likely require copies of your clinical cases, showing dates and must be signed off. This is where most PH applicants fell down in their processing, either they can't provide them any more due time expiration placed by your own school or if provided, they may show up as not being concurrent.

Keep us posted on your status if you apply into CA so that others can benefit from your experiences, be it good or bad and hope for the best!


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@steppy bay.

Thanks for the information. I will try to apply here in CA. I will keep you updated regarding the application process. I will take the chance. I just hope for the best....


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Hi! I applied for the CA NCLEX RN and they required me to go to school for additional units. I applied for the LVN instead and got approved but at the same time I also applied in New Mexico Nclex RN and they accepted my application too..