What are typical HHN hours?


I have a situation next year where I want my youngest son to attend a special school. I may have to drive him myself everyday, or carpool. Could I potentially start a home health schedule as late as 9 a.m.? I can't start super early, but could potentially work later in the afternoon with after school care available.

It would be so COOL to be able to do this and stop having to hire nannies to come to my house at 6 a.m.! I could also spend some time w/ my son everyday on the ride, at least.


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You can devise any kind of schedule that suits both you and the clientele of your agency. If you do shift care, you can make arrangements to start/stop with the client in agreement. If you do intermittent care, you can schedule your visits around your schedule as long as the visits are done when they need to be done, e.g. once a week or twice a week or daily. You just need to coordinate all of this with your staffing coordinator and your client(s).


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This is something you'd need to discuss with the agency you apply to. Remember there are sometimes labs (ie vanc troughs) and IV medications that require visits by 830 or 9am so you may need to work around that some. May want to consider being the after hours nurse - ours starts her day at 5pm and does admissions or revisits that need to be done after hours. She works M-TH 5pm-8a on those days. Very rarely does she go out after 10, but it does happen sometimes.


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I'm still in my jammies or workout clothes at 9, unless it's team meeting day. I shower and get to my first patient by 9:30-9:45.


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Me too! Although our hours are 8-5, I am up having coffee, doing paperwork, calling MD's, other disciplines, etc and then call my patients to set up my visits and start them around 11am. Once a week for team conf, I am in the office at 830 am. Otherwise, I am having my coffee and making phone calls btw 8-10.

If I do have some fasting labs to do, I will run out and do them and then come back home to plan my day out.

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