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What is a typical day in Nursing?

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Although in nursing there is never a typical day, as an RN how would you describe your day? What tasks and skills do you find yourself performing. Pretty much what does your day look like from the time you enter the hospital to the time you head home.


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You will find a lot of variation in a "typical day" that will be based on a nurse's role and place of employment. Have you looked into shadowing a nurse for a partial or full shift?

Actually I have now shadowed a nurse on med-surg twice, each for a four hour shift, once during the day and the other during the night. I though t med-surg would give me a good idea of what nursing looks like, but I still thought I should ask. I liked the amount of patient interaction, the continuously busy pace, and the material seems intellectually intriguing. I also have kind of liked my experience in the radiology program so far at clinicals, but I feel like there is less patient interaction. Also since I have narrowed down my possible interests in radiology to CT and x-ray, I have a really narrowed path of growth. For the past two months though I have not been able to get nursing off my mind. I want to pick a job that I can ultimately do for the rest of my life and be happy, but I am still conflicted between the two.


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