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So the semester is almost over and I can't wait, only a few exams left to write. I never thought that so many things could happen in one semester. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and what a shoke to the system that is when your 20. I was assaulted in clinical, but I think I have most of that delt with. I've been so far from home and stuglling with so many things. but I've made it (well almost) to a new semester, and my goals are all still on track, not even slowed down by any of this. Since some of you have been with me through this ruff time adding in your much appreciated advice and well wishes. I thought that I would psot this.


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I have no advice, but certainly I do send well wishes to you!

Keep that diabetes under control and stay on track.....

Hugs and congrats to you! :)


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