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My husband is on his way back to the ER this morning. I will give you a brief report of his accident. Please note that I am not seeking professional advice. I am just curious. Anyway, Thursday he was in an accident at work. The Earth Mover he was operating rolled over and he managed to jump clear, but landed on his shoulder and neck with his head bent over to the left. Anyway, he was life flighted to the hospital. He had lost consciousness. DX was a skull fracture, broken clavicle and 3 broken or seperated ribs along his back. Having kids I was not able to spend all my time in his room with him, so I missed a lot of information. He was disoriented and confused, so he doesn't remember much either. The skull fracture caused CSF to drain out of his right ear.

He was admitted to the Neuro trauma unit for observation. He was up and walking by 6 pm Thursday night. Friday morning he was released even though he was still draining fluid. He had minor amnesia, but good thought process and his nursing assessments were all good. Yes, he was released from the Neuro/Trauma ICU.... Anyway, he has been home and on 500 mg of Hydrocodone for pain and on Keflex for prevention of meningitis. He has been in a lot of pain from the clavicle break. More than I would consider normal, but I am not experienced at all. This morning he woke up and his face is tingling and he has mild Palsy to the right side of his face. I called his Dr. and he advised to take him to the ER and my husband wanted my adult step-son to take him. Of course I protested and wanted the step son to watch the kids so I could go, but he insisted I stay with the kids.

Anyway, my husband is fearing meningitis. I think this could be caused from the skull fracture, but am confused by the late onset. There is no other signs of meningitis. He has no fever, no confusion, pupils are equal and normal. Considering his pain level (he ran out of Hydrocodone last night) his heart rate and respiration are good.

My question is whether or not the late onset of Palsy is normal with a skull fracture. I believe the fracture is temporal. It is just behind his right ear and he has lost his hearing in that ear. The fluid has stopped draining out of the ear, but has been draining to the back of his throat since Friday afternoon.

Thanks for answering. I am thankful that his daughter in law works in the ER. I called her this morning and gave her a heads up that he was heading in there to be seen. I know she will take good care of him. I am just hoping that it's not meningitis.



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I wish your husband the best. Without seeing any test results there is no way anyone here can tell if he has meningitis. Going to the ER was the best thing. Good luck in his recovery.

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You might want to post this in the neuro ICU section. They would be the experts on skull fx. Best of luck to you.:kiss

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