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So I was stuck on the alternate list for the school that I really wanted to go to! I called the other day to find out where I stand on that list (class begins in Jan. of 07) and I am in the top 3......the other 2 that are in the top 3 have the same amount of points as I do! So the three of us are sitting at the first seat just in case someone decides not to go....Now I'm wondering if that does happen, how will they decide who gets that seat?:uhoh3: Outta 45 people I'm praying that at least 1 decides not to go! I still have to go to orentation and the first week of classes JUST IN CASE! This is gonna drive me crazy!

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I cannot answer your question concerning how they'll decide who gets a seat that possibly opens up if someone decides to drop out. However, I am wishing you the best of luck. ;)


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I was thinking maybe an interview? I was really wondering if anyone has been in this situation!;)

Possibly by the dates you and the others submitted your application. Whomever had their completed application in first might be the one they admit first. Just a thought.

Best of luck!


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i was chosen as an alternate as well. i was really bummed that i did not get selected for the class but 2 days before the class began i got the call that a spot had opened up for me. needless to say i was very happy. i don't know how they went about deciding where i was on the list but at that point it didn't matter! good luck to you and think positive!


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Our school had us write essays about why we wanted to go into the field of nursing, just in case there was a tie with points. I was 4th alternate on the list all the way until orientation in August. I showed up for the 2-day orientation, hoping someone would hear what the program entailed and would not take their slot. When the director of nursing saw that I was there without being an actual nursing student, she gave me one of the slots of a student who failed to show up and didn't give notice they would be missing orientation. Needless to say, I was thrilled!!! Good luck...I know what you feeling....I was there myself just 2 short years ago!

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