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What do you think of this story?


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During the video, the mother stated that he started making movements after 5 minutes of holding him, so the story is not quite accurate that it started breathing after 2 hours. Makes you wonder after 20 minutes of working on him did they take off the EKG monitor (if they had one attached) and hand it to the parents? Was it under a radiant heater when they were working on him? If he was cold and was warmed up by the mother I can see it happening similar to cold water drowning. He was sleeping during the video and the reporter didn't ask any questions about any brain damage so that would put in perspective of how long he was actually not breathing.


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I was wondering about brain damage too.....

It seems like the hospital sort of dropped the ball and the story didn't touch on that.


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I'm sure the story leaves out a lot of the information we in the medical community are hungry for. Oh well, we won't get it and will just have to be satisfied knowing that either we don't have all the info, or there is something greater than medical science at work. As a nurse of faith, I'm still gonna go with the former.

My concern is that these stories give families false hope and make them feel like parental failure for giving up on a child who might have 'gotten a miracle' if we'd only tortured them a bit longer. The same goes for pediatric and adult ICUing as well.


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Thanks for finding that update, hypersaurus! Amazing

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Pronounced dead, revived by mom's hug: 'Miracle baby' turning 2 - Parents - TODAY.com

This is an update to that story, the baby is 2 now and it doesn't sound like he has much for delays, but who knows.

There is always that 'who knows?', isn't there? Two years and not many delays is a positive thing, but no one knows for sure how that kid will do in school. There's a reason these kids are called miracles. They don't happen much.