What do you think of "accelerated" nursing programs for second degree students?



Has anyone had any experience with an accelerated nursing program. We have one here in Wisconsin at a major university that is for second degree students. You take courses over a one year period and graduate with a bachelor's degree in Nursing after only ONE year.

Thanks for your input.


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Do a search on this site for accelerated programs. That should give you some info on what that type of program entails.


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We also have an accelerated BSN program here is St. Louis at a very distinguised university. I actually thought about it (I have a degree in Elem. Ed.) I talked to a few nurses about what they thought and they said you don't have as much opportunity for clinicals, which makes sense to me.


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It is true that some accelerated programs don't offer the same clinical experience as others.

You might also want to check the NCLEX pass rates.


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From what I have seen, the quality of the accelerated programs varies with the quality of the school. Some programs are very rigorous, with the same number of clinical hours packed into the shorter time period by doing more per week. Also, some of the course work is condensed and taught at a very high level -- making school the equivalent of a full time job. In some of those rigorous programs, it is virtually impossible to have a job while in school because you are either in class or clinical all day every day and have to study at night.

Other programs are not so rigorous. By trying to not "overwork" the students -- but still get them through the program quickly -- the students get a "quick and dirty" education that gives them only a minimal preparation.

Each program has to be assessed individually. If the program is at a very reputable, rigorous institution with high NCLEX pass rates, etc. and it seems rigorous -- it probably is a good program. However, programs at "lesser schools" with poor pass rates are probably not going to give you a good education.

One last thing ... a terrific person, who works very hard can still become a great nurse even if they go to a mediocre program. They just have to take responsibiity for learning more than their program requires.

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I did one of those programs, started my new job in the ICU and am flourishing. It was the right choice for me. It was the toughest year of my life-- no time for a job or hanging out with friends on the weekends. I also got many sleepless nights because I was up late studying/prepping for clinicals, etc. It was soooo worth it though and I think it gave me a good foundation. Doing these types of programs requires a lot of drive and self-motivation.

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