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What to do when my only tech experience is volunteer work


Specializes in CDU, cardiac telemetry, med-surg. Has 5 years experience.

As a new grad, I've been kicking myself over not working as a tech during school. All those that did, got a job. I've been a volunteer at the hospital for 3 years, and it just suddenly occurred to me that I did quite a bit of direct patient care that I think would give my resume a boost.

Here's some of the tasks I do on my volunteer shifts: patient transfers, positioning, toileting, putting them back on the monitor after they've been up. I've been an extra pair of hands for CPR. Not to mention the amount of fielding 0f questions, complaints, and requests that came with answering call lights.

I was tinkering with my resume today and put my volunteer work under "professional experience" which was originally "work experience." This allows me to show the tasks I did while also explaining the gap in employment history. But this won't work when I'm entering in my jobs for online applications. A lot of online job apps don't even have an area where I can put this information. Any suggestions?

Yeah, same thing here. You have to upload the resume and hope that they will read it!