What is taught in A & P I?

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I know this seems like a silly question, but what exactly is taught in this course? It is just basic things, like bones and organs and their functions? I think what makes me so nervous about this couse is that I don't really know what I am up against. Just that it is a "hard" course that requires alot of memorization.

Anyone have any insight to the course they would like to share? :)


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I took both A&P classes about 12 years ago. Although I don't remember exactly what was taught in each class I do remember you will learn everything you could ever want to know about each body system! It is A LOT of memorization, but in my class (and I had an AWESOME professor) we received lots of diagrams and charts and many tips and hints along the way. I highly recommend purchasing the study guide that goes along with your text book and studying for the class daily. You will learn every body system from integumentary (skin) to cardiovascular, skeletal etc. I was not a "science person" back when I took this class, in fact I did not do that well in science courses my first go round with college back in the late 80's, but when I took these classes in the late 90's I actually received high A's in A and P 1 and 2!!! It helped me to re-write my notes, highlight key points in the text, do the study questions at the end of each chapter and even talk out loud while I was studying...as if I was teaching it to someone else. The main thing I learned from A & P is that the human body is the MOST AMAZING "machine" ever. It will astound you as to what goes on inside our bodies! Best of luck to you!

I agree with everything the previous poster has said. I just finished up A&P2 this passed semester and I'm so glad I'm done, lol! It's a lot of reading and memorization. You not only learn about the systems but you also learn all the way to the cell level and how molecules are transported back and forth and what the cell does with these molecules. It's a really interesting course considering it's about us. For lab, I'm lucky enough to have cadavers at my school...so that's what we learned on. But most schools do either cats or rats as their main dissection. Anyway....good luck!


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My AP I class is all bones, muscles, joints, and nervous system. Just basic anatomy and a lot of memorizing. I am taking it now (summer) in 8 weeks. We have 16 chapters to cover in our 35 chapter textbook.....I don't think anything so far is "hard"....it just takes reading and reading and reading. There are no in depth how does body function details yet, just how the body is put together. It is AP II that I worry about.


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My A&P I class covered bones in the skull and body; cat muscles; sheep and human eye; tissue identification (type of tissue; location, i.e., gallbladder; and purpose, i.e., secretion, filtration, etc.). Lots of memorization, but I've been told that it is the foundation for the nursing classes so it is important to have a good understanding of A&P.

The physiology portion of the class was harder for me - it required an understanding of how things work, i.e., nervous system - sympathetic and parasympathetic.

Good luck.

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