What do you have to take for Kaplan to enusre money back??

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Hi. I was told that in order to get your money back from Kaplan if you fail, that you have to attend all your classes and do all the Trainers. Someone posted on here recently that you have to do all of Q Bank too to get a refund. Huh? I thought it was just attend classes and do the Trainers. Do we have to do all of Q Bank too to get a refund??

Can someone verify?? I actually called Kaplan and the rep. was not able to confirm this. :uhoh3:

Thanks! Epona

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I don't know that, sorry.

I do know that if you access Kaplan resources (QBank, etc.) after the date of the test, that will make you ineligible for a refund.


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I don't think you have to do all the q-bank. This is what I pulled off their website:http://www.kaptest.com/HF_Pages/Medical_Promotions/HF_nursing_guarantee.html Hope this helps!

NCLEX-RN® Guarantee and Free Repeat Policy

If you are a graduate of an NLN or CCNE-accredited nursing program taking the exam for the first time within 6 months of graduation and do not pass the NCLEX-RN® exam, you are entitled to either a 100% tuition refund or a free 3-month continuation of your center-based enrollment.

You must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Take the Kaplan Diagnostic and Readiness Tests.
  • Attend all class sessions of the Kaplan classroom course or make them up in the Kaplan Training Library.
  • Answer all questions on the seven Question Trainer tests online or in the Kaplan Training Library.

To qualify for the 100% tuition refund, you must not access the Online Study Center resources or Training Library materials after the date of your NCLEX-RN® exam. The money-back guarantee applies ONLY to the original 3- month enrollment, and does not apply to any enrollment renewal. You must send a written request for a refund to your local Kaplan Center within 20 days of the date of your NCLEX-RN® exam and include a copy of the report you received from National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. To receive the 100% tuition refund you must return your Kaplan Course Book to the Kaplan Center.


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Cool!! That is what I thought... just the classes and trainers. I am stopping the QBank now. I have done 70 percent with a 59 score. That is fine with me.

Thanks so much for the clarification!! :p

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