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So... here it is. I am waiting for my letter which is supposed to be mailed out in exactly two weeks from today. So... would it be completely insane to call and see if they would release at least the cut off GPA? Yes... I know I have waited this long, but hey if there is the possibility of finding out early why not try??? Have any of you out there done something to find out early?????????

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Be patient. I doubt that anyone you can call would be able to tell you anything anyway. Those letters go out and it doesnt necissarily mean there is a list someplace on a computer that whoever you talk to would have access to anyway.

Just relax and wait it out.

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I called to check on my status only one week after I turned in my application, and they told me that I got accepted. I just called our campus's ADN secretary, and she looked it up for me. Who cares about calling?! Just call and ask, "I was wondering if it would be okay to check on the GPA cutoff or see if I made the list." You haven't identified yourself, so if they say it's not okay, then where's the harm in it? No one will know it was you.


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B4 I got accepted (going on my 3rd quarter now, yeah!!!) I was always in the nursing offices making friends with instuctors and secretaries. Did I get on their nerves? :madface: Dont know! But, I can tell you that they were real cool about answering all my questions. I actually got the inside scoops on the admission process and at what point they were at with the decisions. They could'nt tell me if I was accepted but they told me when they mailed the letters out. So, call them girl! As someone said earlier its not gonna hurt, it might actually show how eager you are to get started in the profession.

Good luck, hope u get in.

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