What do surgical nurses do?

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I know that question sounds a little silly, but I am not sure who else to ask. I am beginning nursing school in the fall. This week I was a labor coach for my cousin and she had to be rushed away to have an emergency C-section. I was amazed. I loved being in the room watching this surgery take place. I enjoyed the whole process of the labor, but I got such a rush running through the halls of the maternity floor putting on scrubs then watching the actual surgery. I think that this might be the right choice for me. I was wondering what are some of the roles of the nurse in the OR? I have been looking online for some info and I haven't quite been able to find what I want to know, so I thought I would see if I could get a response on allnurses. Also if you have a website or anything to give me--feel free. Thanks :) !

Hello student nurse from WV. Welcome aboard. If you look into surgical nursing, not medical/surgical nursing you may get a few more answers. But I will attempt to give you some knowledge. In some facilities RN's only circulate, keep count of instruments, sponges, needles, prepare and/or refill solutions as needed during surgery, get unexpected supplies as surgeon needs them, make sure sterile field is maintained and keeps a records of procedure. In other facilities RN's actually assist the surgeon with the operation, she actually places the instruments in the surgeons hands, holds the suction, sponges, may close the wound, apply the dressing, counts with circulator, and also keeps an eye open for breakage of sterile field. I know for a new student starting out some of these terms sound like a foreign language, but you will learn them and many, many others soon enough. I wish you luck, enjoy the time in school, do not be afraid to ask questions if you don't know something, and come often to the board.

Thanks for the information! Are you a surgical nurse?

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Please look at the Operating Room forum here, it will answer your questions.

Good luck to you with your schooling.............. :)

will do... thanks for the info!

Sorry, student nurse, I was off for awhile. No I am not a surgical nurse, just one who has had relatives who have required lots and lots of surgery. I stuck my nose in the OR a time or two to observe. Have a great day.

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