What other specialty can I go into?


I have been a nurse for 7 years. I started as a med/surg nurse for 6 months, then GI nurse in an ambulatory center for 4 years and 3 years as pre/post op nurse doing pain management, neuro and plastic surgeries. My work is a very small outpatient center where we only have 6 nurses working together.

I used to like this place that I am working because my job really has no stress. It is so easy to do and I get off early all the time. However, recently, when I ask my boss for days off, she told me no. She is saying no because I am taking 2 weeks off to see my very sick parent. She let other people take off because she likes those girls. Those girls know how to talk to her and entertain her. I just cannot stand the politics. I have to kiss up to my boss in order to get my days off. It does not matter that I am the hardest working at my work, what matter the most is if I can brown nose her.

I am so sick of this politics. I am so sick of seeing my co workers taking sick leave even they are not even sick.

I am really consider getting to another specialty that I can take long days off. i know I can do school nurse or teach but I only have ADN and I don't have much med/surg experience. I want to teach nursing assistants classes because i am good at training people. I am fun and I can get find special ways to make studying easy for people but I just don't know where to start.

Is there any other nursing job that I can do? I need a job that can give me more vacation time so that I can travel to see my parents more often. I also need a job that I don't have to deal with the nursing politics too much. I am really tired and sick of it.

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Some random ideas:

1. Become an instructor at a private medical assisting (MA) program

2. Instructor at a private practical nursing (LPN) program

3. Instructor at a private CNA training program

4. Weekend supervisor at a LTC facility (you'll have Monday through Friday off)


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Oh, thanks for the information. I am wondering if I need a Bachelor or Master degree to teach MA, LPN or CNA program? You have any idea?

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When I attended a MA program, my instructors were LPNs. When I attended a LPN program, some of my instructors were RNs with associate degrees. Trade schools tend to be more lax with who they hire as instructors than public schools.