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What would you do in this situation

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Hello, I have a situation in which I don't know what to do. It is about school. My situation is that I don't know if I should stay at the nursing school I am at now or go to another nursing school. I don't feel totally happy at the school I am at. 1) is because of the financial aid system at my school. 2) It is because comparing other people and their nursing programs I don't feel like my nursing school is up to par with the other schools meaning that I know some students who is just starting nursing school and they are learning things that we (at my school) have not even learned yet. 3) Things are not as organized at the school like they were the first semester. Other reasons besides the school is my own reasons. 1) I don't feel as though my anatomy/physiology skills and Patho skills are good enough. I made a C in both anatomy and physiology, I took the two separate and I made a B in Pathophysiology but I can't remember quite a bit of the stuff. I feel overwhelmed trying to review A/P and Patho with current nursing stuff. I just don't know exactly how to go about it. 2) Financial reasons really have me in the dumps right now.

I have thought about dropping out and applying to another school for admisson of fall 2002 but the only thing is instead of graduating in May 2003 I will not graduate until May 2004 or

May 2005. Another bad thing is that I will lose out on the money I have invested into the school I am at now. But if I went to another school it would be much cheaper instead of paying $15,000.00 a year I would be paying about $10,000.00 a year if that but at the end of this semester I would have already had about $15,565.00 worth of loans from my current school.The next bad thing is I would have to stay with my parents for another year or two than planned which they don't care but I do care I don't want to depend on them forever. I try to be as independent as possible but it just don't happen the way I want it to.

The good things are 1) I would be getting more for my money at another school 2) I can become more proficent at A/P and Patho. 3) I could work full-time from January till Next August 02 and save money and even get tutition remibursement from my current employer at a children's hospital. 4) I can spend more time working on my daughter which will enable me to better focus and concentrate on school. 5) I can get counseling for my sadness and life trials/tribulations that I am going through right now.

It is so difficult because the biggest thing is the time factor that I have put in to in so far. The fact that I will not graduate next year and last and the most important thing is the money I invested.

What would you do in this situation? Does anyone have any insight, any advice. I would defintely go ahead and finish this semester out but as far as next semester I don't know. We enroll for next semester starting in 3 weeks.

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I don't have a good answer for you, but by your "positives" list, it sounds like you've made up your mind in your heart, if not your head.

One suggestion I do have, check with the nursing schools you are thinking about applying to and see if you can get credit for the classes that you have already taken. Some nursing schools will give you advanced standing for already having completed some courses at other institutions.

I know it is a difficult decision, but you will do what is best for you, whatever it may be.


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Have you talked to your advisor at the school you currently attend. Feeling overwhelmed is a pretty natural thing in nursing school and your advisor (I'm sure) has heard many students talking about leaving school etc. This should be the FIRST step that you take.

I don't know what school you attend, but many colleges and universities offer counseling through there on campus services. That would be the SECOND step.

And the THIRD step would be to take at least one day per week, do NO STUDYING, and spend it with your child just having fun.

Please don't quit. You have come too far to do that!!! I'm afraid to say this, but you will probably get the same feelings/problems at another school. If the school you attend has a pretty good NCLEX pass rate, I'd stick it out because we all (no matter what school we attend) take the SAME test in the end!!

Hope this helps.

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