What is the secret to success in nursing school?


In other words, how do I make sure that I never fail. I've failed once already and if I fail again, I'll have to do an appeal, and I may not make it.

I'm especially concerned about clinical. Does it just take practice to make it second nature. I'm about to go into 2nd sem and I heard in 3rd sem you have to pass meds to 3 pt in under 30 min. That's 10 min. per pt. 2 of my friends already failed because they weren't fast enough?

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First off that rule is ridiculous about passing meds. That is only going to rush people in turn causing error. Shame on your school.

Second, why did you fail the first time? Look back at what did and didnt work for you and analyze how you can improve the areas you were lacking in.

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I believe that there's no secret to success in nursing school or in any endeavor you will ever undertake. What works for some people will not work for others.

However, I do notice that the most successful people take personal responsibility for their own shortcomings and continually change the way in which they approach new situations. I also notice that the least successful people sometimes have problems with personal accountability and try to blame their failures on others (external sources) when the root cause is usually internal.