Nurses Uniform/Gear


:confused:okay, i had to buy the nurses pak at school, it came with a stethoscope, but i have a omron sprague, is this better than the one i have in my pac or do i want to use my sprague. i didn't pay much for it, but want a great sound, hard to hear while in class trying to get peoples vitals. so whats the low down on the scopes?


I think a lot of it is personal. I got a Littmann Lightweight, and I absolutely love it! I know other people who say that you should step up to the Classic II and get that because it's so much better...but I prefer the Lightweight, hands down. Others don't care and still use the school provided scope. Some want Ultrascope etc etc etc.

well it is all prefrence, but how well can you hear with it? thats all it matters. i went with the cardio 3. not all ppl have that type of funds but i love the snap tight ear buds and the sound and it has a weight to it. i can an adscope-lite around so it dont get stolen(the card 3)

I love my cardiology III, but keep my SE Standard II in my car as a back-up (and because I'm a volunteer EMT who sometimes responds to emergency from my car). The sound is definitely better on the Cardiology III and I prefer it especially when dealing with pediatric pts, but the Standard II does a good job and I have no complaints about it.

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