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What School to Choose?!?!?!!

by marie.clay2 marie.clay2 (New) New

Hello all,

I recently took and passed my NET test with a 96% overall score at CSPN in Cleveland :D. Now, I'm starting to wonder if I should even go for LPN...my friend is a LPN in California and says I need to go straight for RN. I currently work for the gov't making almost $15/hr doing accounting, have 3 kids that are 3 & under and feel there has to be more. I've been wanting this so long and I don't want to waste my time or money. If I go ADN track I'd have to choose ATS or Bryant & Stratton...I've heard good and bad for both...I'd love opinions, experiences and any advice you all have on being a RN or LPN first & which school is best overall...will there be another test I'd have to take if I decided to go straight to RN instead of LPN??? THanks so much!!


None of my immediate friends are nurses, but a few of them have sisters and mothers who are- they ALL told me to go straight for my RN. The choice is yours, obviously LPNs are still graduating and getting utilized in healthcare. Ask around in your area about where they are getting hired at- if it is only LTC or are hospitals hiring also. If not, just go for your RN.


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I would recommend going straight for RN. You'll probably end up going for that eventually so why not just do it right now? & I don't THINK that you'd have to take another test if you decide to go for RN since you took the NET but I could be mistaken. But yeah, I'd definitely say just go for it!

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