What to say at a Job Fair (for RN student taking time off from school..


I just found out that I will have to repeat my 3rd (of 4) semester of RN school. My grades in prerequisite classes, the first 2 semesters of RN classes, AND my 3rd semester grades other than tests, are A's or high B's. This semester, however, I had a difficult time passing the tests! I've been told that almost 20% of our class failed the semester (mainly b/c of test grades). I had a 69.55 test average and you must have a 70 (they don't round up). To retake the class, I must wait until Fall (August) - which is 8 months from now.

In the meantime, I want to work as a PCT, or similar, to gain experience. There is a job fair for the hospital I'd like to work in coming up this week.

So, here is my question.... how do I go about telling my prospective employer that I failed my class without automatically going to the "bottom of the pile" of resumes?

I want to be honest and let them know that I intend to continue working on my RN license. However, I will likely continue to work while in school and may very well stay at that hospital indefinitely. Is it a mistake to even mention the failed RN class? I feel like they will want an explanation of why I am taking 8 months off from school. I'm worried that they may not want to hire me as a PCT knowing that I will be moving on to another position (hopefully) in a year & a half. Any advice??

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I wouldn't explain to them that I failed. I would just say I am in an RN program and what my expected graduation date is.You don't need to give out details unless they ask.

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Unless they require the first semester of nursing school complete, I would just say that you are a nursing student and expected graduation date like I put down Dec. 2013. It helps also if you know someone working in the hospital.