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Hello fellow OR nurses!

I am starting an OR internship soon (new grad). Just wanted to get a head start and brush up on nursing knowledge before the program starts. I know that's the internship will most likely be covering a lot but I want to be prepared :up:

- what are your recommendations for what systems/areas of nursing/etc to review? Any suggestions will be helpful!



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I'd review the whole patient consenting process, learn the different OR table patient positions, how to give a good hand off report and how to assess a patient history and medication list. Good luck!


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Thanks for the tip! Do you think reviewing A/P, patho would be worthwhile?

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Congratulations! I have precepted a few new grad RNs...first, the O.R. is entirely different from the floor and what you probably experienced in school. Expect a huge learning curve. There will be times when you think you will never "get it" but you will! There are several things you are ultimately responsible for, which would be good to review. Patho and A&P are not going to be the most helpful up front. Deebaxster's suggestion is excellent. There are a couple of books that will help you with learning different surgeries/procedures and the positions and necessary considerations. Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery is great, VERY in-depth though. Pocket Guide to the Operating Room is a great condensed version. AORN Standards and Recommended Standards are helpful as well. You may get these books checked out to you in your internship, so don't spend a lot of money on them. If you get a good deal on older editions, go for it...nice to have. The operating room is an area where you have to really pay attention to what can injure your patient...not just meds, but things like wrong-site surgery, nerve injury due to positioning, skin integrity, burns, and many more. Take notes, ask lots of questions, jump in to the best of your ability! I LOVE the O.R.


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Jdsmom- thanks so much! I'll ask the education/program director if those books will be provided before buying. Thanks for your advice and encouraging words! I definitely look forward to starting soon


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Hi BotryisRN! I just wanted to say thanks for posting this! I'm a new grad and will be starting an OR training program as well in a couple of weeks. I'm so nervous and so excited at the same time! Good luck to you and I hope it goes well!!


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Hwngrl- that's great, I have the same feelings too. I wish you the best of luck! Thanks =)

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