What recourse legal or otherwise is available to me?


I am a first semester nursing student with a history of anxiety and depression. Yesterday on the hospital floor, the stress got to me and I resorted to a former maladaptive mechanism - cutting. It had been about four or five years since I last did that. My clinical instructor wants to dismiss me from the program. We are having a discussion about this next week. I don't think she willl be moved. What recourse legal or otherwise is available to me? I thought I might have her speak to my therapist. I don't know. Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. My husband doesn't know about this. I was in the ER yesterday and discharged with the dx of anxiety reaction. I am very concerned.

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Per our terms of service, we can't offer legal advice. Best advice if you think you need legal assistance, is to contact a lawyer.

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