What reasons to give for the first failed RN job?


I was a new grad and asked to resign at the end of my orientation in an acute care unit. I was told that I was not a good fit for the position. I am now looking for new positions and seeking advice on the following issues: (1) What should I put in the cover letter of application? (2) What should I say about it during the interview? This is an awkward situation. I need your help.


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Write your cover letter to state why you want a position with the company you are sending the resume to, not to explain anything. Leave that out of any cover letter. In the interview, when the topic comes up, state that it was a poor fit. Do not dwell on the subject, have some answers ready; but also have some specifics about how you are qualified for the position you are seeking. Focus on what you have to offer, not on any perceived faults.

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Exactly. It wasn't a good fit, end of story, no explanation needed. Just let them know you resigned b/c you felt it wasn't a good fit. They won't give you a bad reference, as it's against the law. Most likely, all you will be asked in the next interview is have you worked as an RN before or why did you resign. No biggie. It happened to me and I simply told them it wasn't a good fit. I have now, found my fit:) Good luck, it will work out for you in the end!

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