What is the quickest results for the NCLEX?


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I took the test today...biting nails! :(

On the Ohio BON web site, you are supposed to be able to find out if you passed or not w/in 24 hours. A classmate of mine took the test last week in the am and found out she passed the next evening.

I was just curious if anybody had quicker results than that.

I know it's totally stupid...but...I cannot help looking at the BON web site...CONTINUALLY...even though I know that the results cannot possibly be on there tonight. How pathetic am I????? :barf02:


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Hi....I too am from Ohio. I took boards yesterday (Monday) and found out today at 12:20pm that I was issued a license by the OBN.

Just try to relax.....and have faith in yourself!

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