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What is a Psychiatric NP like?


Hey everyone,

I am looking to getting into nursing. Primarily, I am interested in psychiatric nursing with the intention of becoming an NP in the field.

Can anyone tell me more about what this is like? What is the daily life like. I am interested in working in a clinic, in an outpatient setting. I'd like to be able to see patients and manage their meds while administering psychotherapy over a long period of time. Is this possible?

I know next to nothing about nursing so any information is appreciated.


Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in OR, education. Has 16 years experience.

Moved to pre-nursing for better visibility. While waiting for responses here, you may want to check out the list of nursing specialty forums- psychiatric has a forum to itself where you will find lots of information.

is it possible for you to direct me to the psychiatric nursing page? I cannot find it...

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in OR, education. Has 16 years experience.

On the far left on the desktop site, you will see the list of types of subforums. Choose the specialties tab.


The list of all specialties starts with advanced practice and critical care, then others in alphabetical order. If you are on the mobile site, you will see the same list in the gray menu that comes up when tapping the three bars in the upper right corner.

I too would love to hear from some PMHNP’s on this. Same goal.

You should check out "The Psych Dude" on Youtube. He's a Psych NP and his videos are mainly about the profession as well as topics related to nursing.