What procedures/cares can a RN do while a LPN cannot?

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I'm a new LPN graduate in Oregon. I know a LPN cannot initiate a blood tranfusion and insert a central vein catheterization. What elase? Please give me some advice. Thanks a lot.

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I am having the same questions. I am an RN and work with several LPN's and need to know thier scope of practice. I know the OSBN has a pdf file with the LPN and RN scopes on it but it is a hard read. I wish there was a side by side list of do's and don't for the difference in an LPN and an RN. So far I have not found any at my job.

I happened upon this post while researching a possible move to Oregon. I currently live in Tennesse and have recently made the transition from LPN to RN and the biggest difference between LPN's and RN's I've learned is the nursing assessment and diagnosis. Although many of the clinical procedures are overlaping and vary from state to state the development of care plans is one of the defining characteristics of professional nursing. As far asI know most states don't allow LPN's to do IVP drugs and administer blood products or chemo but I'm not sure about Oregon. All state BON's have a nurse practice act that states what RN's and LPN's can and cannot do that state. I hope this helps ya'll.


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The main thing that I learned is LPNs can not do an intial assessment and care plan.

There are some IV meds that they can adminster, but to make things easier some facilites make their own policies regarding what meds the LPNs can give.

I wish the BON made it easier as well

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