What are pre requistes and co requistes of nursing?


Plz explain me what are pre-requistes and co requistes of nursing program .. i'm new to American School System.



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Prerequisites are courses that must be completed prior to entry to the nursing program and co-requisites are courses that can be completed along with the nursing courses. Each school has its own requirements. Therefore, you need to contact each school that you are contemplating attending, and find out what their specific requirements are. The easiest way to do this is to research each school's nursing program on the internet. HTH

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As mentioned earlier, each school has their own requirements, but most of them seem to include English 101 and 102 (English literature), Psychology 1 and Developmental Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology and for RN programs, most require chemistry and Microbiology. You really have to investigate the schools you are interested in attending for their particular pre and co-requisites. Good luck.


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thank u so much..... is it possible that i can take one or two pre-requistes online so that i dont waste my time..???

plz help...


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and yes do u know decent and affordable nursing schools in Philadelphia?? plz help

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