What is the Pre-Nursing and Nursing School Schedule Like?


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Thanks for the reply! I suppose I'll just have to wait and see what my first year will be like. But I see that years 2 through 4 will most likely have a hectic schedule (as expected). In your honest opinion, can you see yourself devoting 50 or 70 hours a month to something non-school related at this point in time? For perspective, a part time job is about 80 hours per week.

Absolutely not. I have a per diem job at the hospital and during the semester I only work 30 or so hours per month. I know you can work more, but if I worked anymore than that I would literally never leave the hospital and would be miserable.

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Okay, thanks for the perspective. And just to correct my previous comment, I meant 80 hours per month - not week haha.


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For pre-nursing I had pharm, patho and foundations. I only had to go 3 days a week, 2-3 hours for each class. For nursing I took summer for assessment and fundamentals, oh and research which was online. Clinicals plus hospital day were 9 hours twice a week, two classes of 5 hours each, and online class which did take some time to finish homework and assignments. It really depends how you study and how long it will take you to understand concepts and finish homework. The real fun started in 6th semester with med-surg and my tough professor. I invested 20 hours a week to study and help my friends with the material. Seventh semester was just impossible for me due to all the things due at the same time. Eight has been really easy so far but I will be starting my community rotation next week (Monday through Friday from 8-5) then acute care which are 3 12h shifts.

Good luck

Oh, I still managed to cook everyday, had a part time job up until mid 6th semester and have a toddler. It is possible!