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What to pack?


Hey everyone!

I am going to begin my travel nurse career in Janurary and I was wondering if you all had any suggestions on what and how to pack. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Take about half of what you think you need. Next trip home, leave half that that behind. What travelers pack is personal so it is difficult to give general advice. I can't go anywhere without dishes (sometimes housing has them, but not favorite pots and appliances), at least one bicycle, and skates. Cooking and bedding are generally the two most volumetric choices for most travelers other than never used clothing.

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It depends on if you are getting company housing or not and if not are you also renting furniture? My wife and I get our own housing and instead of renting furniture which can cost abou $300-700/month, we bring small easy to pack furniture and rent a small uhaul trailer. The savings in not renting furniture more than offsets the cost of the uhaul. As for packing bring very little. I have condensed my whole life into 6 totes, 2 for clothes, 2 for kitchen stuff, 1 for shoes and electronics, and 1 for bathroom stuff and a few other misc things. My wife brings a few more than me but she also packs a few decorative things to make it feel like a home to her. This will all change when we move into our RV next assignment.

Thank you both! I found your responses helpful, and will definitely keep them in mind as I brainstorm ideas on how and what I will be packing.

I agree with NedRN! Company housing vs finding your own plays a big role. Same with how you plan to get to your assignment - are you driving? flying? That will also affect your packing. What is the climate like where you are going? Are you going to need to have scarves/jackets/snow boots? Or just shorts/tshits/sandals? Clothing wise I like to have a good pair of jeans, two pair of shorts, anywhere from 10 -15 shirts, a dress or nice slacks/dress shirt, sandals, tennis shoes, heels, bathing suit, jacket, scrubs. You can fit all of that in one large suitcase.

With company housing, if you aren't concerned with high quality you can always get pots/pan set, bedding, a few towels, cheap throw blanket and plastic utensils/plates/cups at Walmart or Target for cheap. Donate at the end of your 3 months or take with you if you have room. If you end up in an unfurnished place, you can do the same thing. We slept 9 months on an $80 air mattress (add egg crate and sheets and it sleeps amazing!), then purchased a $90 "inflatable couch" of Amazon that lasted 6 months. If its just you at your apartment, and you aren't worried about entertaining and impressing people, there are many options to be cheap and pocket more of your money!