What do you pack for camp?

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Hi all! I'm going to be starting my first Camp RN position. I'm currently a school RN and I am still a fairly new RN to begin with but I won't be alone and have other experienced health professionals around me at camp. The camp has a pretty awesome "Welcome Packet" that includes a ton of information like what to expect, what to do, and what to bring. I also brought the book, "The Basics of Camp Nursing" by Linda Ebner Erceg and I've bookmarked a lot of great links and information from this thread. But I wondering what do you all you awesome camp nurses bring to camp besides the usual hiking boots/sneakers, sunscreen, and sleeping bag? I do have my perfectly purple Littmann on the list along with my Nurse Pro Pack which is my fancy handy-dandy fanny-pack for on the go situations. Thanks in advance for any and all inspiration! :D

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I bring my small lamp, scale, snacks, books, extra blankets it gets cool in the a.m, flashlight, stamps and envelopes. Any products that u use at home.

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Well first realize your not going to the moon. There will be a Walmart someplace, and if its way to far there will be a shopper who makes regular runs, be nice to the shopper and they can be convinced to do side shopping for you. Take all the basics, and consider packing the following: flashlight, rain poncho, French press coffee maker, reading material, your own coffee cup, a robe, and hot sauce (camp food tends to be bland).