What did you do during orientation? Classes? amt time on floor?


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I am so excited about my new job that I got YESTERDAY and starts MONDAY, its my dream job on the pediatric floor that I did my senior leadership rotation on. The hospital has a residency program so I know the proram is a year long but I have no idea what is going to happen, is there a general orientation then the residency? What kind of classes? Tests? I'm not trying to find out exactly what will happen but more get a feel for what you have experienced or heard.


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Thanks for the reply the website you posted more details than my hospital has so far. I'm sure mine will differ at least a bit but it makes me feel a tad bit better.


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Mine starts on the 21st and is also a one year program. Here is what ours is supposed to be like:


How do you like working at Children's? I'm not too far away in Baltimore!

Edit: Woops, sorry, just noticed you didn't start yet. Best of luck to you!


And to the OP, first of all congratulations on getting your dream job! I work on a pediatric floor too, and I love it. I am just starting my second month on orientation. Every hospital does it differently, but we had lots of classes in the beginning, including cardiac, resp, renal, GU, burns, skills labs, etc. No tests though. :)

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