What order should i take these classes?

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Hi. I currently have room for 1 more class this semester and room for 2 more classes next semester. The classes i have left to take are:

medical terminology

nutrition and


Should i take medical terminology this semester and pair nutrition with pathophysiology next semester?

Or should i take nutrition this semester and pair medical terminology and pathphysiology together next semester?

I was thinking the second option because there would be material that overlaps in both med terminology and patho.

Any opinions?

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I would suggest that you look at your overall expected academic load next semester. If the majority of courses are going to be relatively easy, then you might want to look at doing medical terminology/pathophys next semester. Yes, there will be some overlap, but learning medical terminology is exactly analogous to learning a foreign language, nearly from scratch and pathophys likely will be just as intense. If this semester's load is going to be lighter than next semester (minus the courses you're looking to add) you probably then might want to do medical terminology now and do pathophys/nutrition next semester.

This is but my own perspective. Only you can actually determine what courses you should take and when to take them as only you know the rest of your academic load and capabilities. I generally found nutrition to be generally easy. Pathophys was incorporated into my nursing program in an integrated manner so we got to understand how various disease processes impacted different systems as we went through them. Doing it this way wasn't bad at all as it effectively spread the material over 4 semesters instead of cramming it all into one single semester.

I personally would pair medical Terminology and Pathophysiology together. Nutrition take on your own as there is a lot of info to cover. I know at my school Nutrition was a big course in determining if you got into the Nursing field. I took it alone, got a A-, I paired the other two and got A-. Everyone learns different, but I felt like Pathophysiology was fun and the medical terminology helped a little with it.

Good luck!!!

Thanks for responding! At my school i have heard that medical terminology and nutrition are both pretty easy classes while patho is a bit on the hard side because it is only offered online.

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