What is your opinion of lucid dreaming?

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You might have to explain this to some. I've heard of hypnagogic sleep. I do have some weird sleep episodes - they are not typical wake-up-from-a crazy-dream episodes. I also have some rerun dreams. But I am NOT interested in having them checked out.

As far as I know hypnagogic episodes serfs form of hallucination, typically characterized in patients who have narcolepsy and are basically described as vivid dreams which blend with reality upon going to sleep or waking up and the person experiencing them can not tell the difference between the dream state, and reality. I was told at one time they thought I be narcolepsy, because I was experiencing REM rebound. My cause ultimately turned out to be night time hypoxia from uncontrolled nocturnal asthma which led to sleep deprivation, causing me to go into REM sleep unusually fast. Extremely lucid dreams are worth looking into if they become frequent or bothersome. There could be a serious underlying illness that needs to be addresses. Also, hypnagogic hallucinations and REM sleep disorders are often mistaken for one another. When a person dreams they are usually in a state of near or complete paralysis. This is the bodys way of protecting itself from acting out what happens.during dreams. When that paralysis fails, thenvyou end up with situations where people flail, hit, talk, scream, punch, kick, and even walk in their sleep with no recognition or memory of the event. Again, there is often an underlying medical conditions that needs to be addressed if this happens more than once a week. Though the occasional lucid dream in itself is usually not cause for concern. Especially if the patient or person is taking certain medications. JMHO

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