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Oramar: Finally, a reason why it all makes sense. Of Course!!! Management doesn't care about that pt., so you're right, why would they want to hire more Nurses. The floor nurse gets paid the same whether she has 5 patients or 10 patients, but the manager will make more money if that Nurse has 10 patients. Sometimes I hate the fact that I love being a Nurse. I get soooo frustrated with our health care system, but when I'm in that room with my patient (most of the time) there's no where else I'd rather be.

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And then there are the ulterior motives. A lot of nurses tell me they are working one person short on everyshift. They also tell me that managment tells them they can't find anyone. However, if you check into it you will find that those same managers are in no hurry to hire. Why should they when everyone is doing the work of two everyday and bringing them in under budget. After all they get a % of that amount they come in under budget. All I can say to mangers that do that sort of thing is that it is diabolical and will come back to bite you in the rear.



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Depends on what kind of experience the recruiter has. If it's strictly someone from an HR background who really doesn't understand the science or the nuances of nursing, the recruiter can be almost worthless. Sometimes, the recruiter's manager has been around long enough to know a good applicant when one comes along, but more junior staff frequently is clueless re what the job really entails. Often, they're given a list of Q's to ask & it's fairly obvious on the phone that they're pretty green. Also, a lot of places use a computer program to do the first set of selections. Often those programs will scan only the first portion of a resume (X number of words) and those programs also look for certain words to be repeated. Anyway, hope this info helps. BTW, if you can bypass HR & talk directly to an NM, you've just cut a lot of the red tape out. Good luck!

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