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What would you do (NET)


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Hello all,

Okay, I have a question. I just took the NET for the first time on December 3rd. Now because my school is apparently stuck in the past, it was NOT computerized, so I do not know my results. I had the old time form booklet with the bubble answer sheet.

Because of this old timey method I was told that I would receive my results for 2-3 weeks. It will take so long because my school has to gather the tests, then send them to the company that makes the tests (ERI) and then they grade them and then they send them back to the school and then the school sends them to us. I even called ERI to see if there was a number I could call to get my results from THEM instead of waiting for that whole process to go on, but no .. they said I could not. Nice.

Now, I normally wouldn't mind waiting that long (even though it would kill) except for this little tiny matter. Okay .. if you take the NET now .. you're applying for Fall 2009 (which is what I want). There are no more tests offered after December 20th until NEXT FALL .. yes, that is 2009. And if you don't pass this time around and you have to wait till Fall 2009 to take the test, you will be applying for Fall 2010. TWO YEARS from now...

My problem is this .. I'm sure I passed the math section with flying colors (I think I only got one wrong & we didn't have 60ques. we only had 30). But I'm not so sure about the reading. I think I probably PASSED it .. but there was more on it than I had practiced. I bought the study guide that ERI makes .. and in it was only "read the paragraph and answer the following question" there were no practice tests for the subject verb agreement (these were in the book, but no practices) .. or the capitalization or the sentence punctuation and order. And there was also spelling (which I know I aced) .. but on the practices which were what I had mentioned earlier I generally got a 75% each time... so with those other things I'm REALLY not sure what I may have received.

Now what makes things tricky, there are only 3 more test dates left, one of them is tomorrow (so I can't do that because it's too soon) but there is also December 13th and December 20th ... .. Now since we all know that I won't have my results back for 2-3wks, which would CLEARLY surpass both deadlines if three weeks and just come up shy (the 17th) if it's 2wks for the 20th date .. would you, in my position, sign up to take the test again .. pay another $50 and take it without knowing your score, just in case?

Thank you for your input in advance, I really don't know what I'll do, part of me just wants to take it again, but ..I don't want to spend another $50 .. If I passed the first time but if I didn't and I don't take it now I'll have to wait and not start until 2010 =\ *sigh* :confused:


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I took the paper test version and got my results in about a week. If you are really worried about your score, I would retake it.


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Really? That makes me really hopeful then. I just hope my school isn't waiting until Monday to send them (because I took my test on Weds and there is testing tomorrow, so I don't know if they will group them together and send them) I'm really hoping.

I don't know .. I'm worried, but at the same time I think I PASSED the reading .. but I'm just nervous it's the "what if" factor ya know?


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Okay, I got my results back today. Not bad 1wk and 1 day later, phew that's a relief. I STILL have time to schedule to retake the test thankfully. However, I'm still not sure if I should.

I called the admissions ofc in my school and they won't directly tell me how heavily the NET is weighted. I do know that a 65% is needed to even be considered, I received 82%. He also said that they look at the general education classes gpa. My gpa is currently at a 3.1 BUT that is with business classes factored in, not just my gen. ed. classes.

So yea, I got an 82% composite and it says I'm in the 85th percentile, I think that means I did better than 85% of the people, right?

One thing I really really don't understand is that it says (under my reading comp) "Ranked in the 54 percentile at an Independent Level, 187 words per min."

Okay, that confuses me because in my ERI study guide it tells me that to be at an instructional rate, you'd have to read 250-400 words per min. and have a 70% score (My reading comp score is 70% exactly) ... and to be at an independent level you need to have in excess of 450 words and a 70% ... so how in the world do I have an independent level? I'm extremely confused. Ugh, I hate this :( confused about my score, confused about whether or not that I should re-take this.

My bf says that he thinks I'm overstressing it and that I did fine, I passed with more than enough and I know, but ... if I don't get in for Fall of 09 then I won't be able to get in for Fall 2010 and I can't wait an extra year, what will I do in my time? =\ Oh.. I was also told that they only admit 150 students into the program each year, I don't know how many students have applied thus far.

Thank you to anyone who read this and takes the time to respond.

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One thing I really really don't understand is that it says (under my reading comp) "Ranked in the 54 percentile at an Independent Level, 187 words per min.".

is that your reading percentage is 54, and that you can read independently (not needing tutor, and you can understand most of it!)

basically it says that you can read stuff and understand it!.

and you can also retake it, but... to be hones, i retook mine and got the same percentage!

you got a great score! congratz! how is your pre-req gpa?


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Thank you for answering, it really does mean a lot.

I still think that, that's pretty bad though that 54% of the people that took the test did better than me on the reading .. and I got a 70% over all on it! I got 100% on the inferential questions, 53% on the Main idea (pfft, I can make an inference but can't tell the main idea evidently) And 73% on Predicting outcomes.

See I don't know exactly what my gen-ed score is because of the classes I need I have Regular Psych: C+ / Sociology: A / First Year Experience: A / English 101: B

I'm not sure what that would come to ... I know the 2 A's rank as a 4.0 each, the B is a 3.0, and the C+ is a 2.5 .. so I don't know, do you add them together and divide by 4? Because if so that would give me a 3.375 .. it will be CLOSE to that.. but not exact.

They make their decision between Jan-March so I don't know, I kind of feel like I should just re-take it and try to get a higher score on the Reading.

Wait a minute, how are these scores totaled up? I think there is an error. (I'm calling the company tomorrow) But for the math "Essential Math Skills Score" I got a 93%

dec. ops 100% / fract. ops 100% / Perc ops 100% / number system conversions 88% / algebraic eq. 75%

Okay .. if add all 5 of them together you get .... 463, divide that by 5 and you get 92.6 which they rounded to a 93%. Okay makes sense right?

On my reading .. It says "Science Reading Comprehension (bolded) 70%" underneath that it says Critical Thinking Appraisal (bolded) and then it says Inferential Reading 100% / Main Idea... 53% / Predicting outcomes 73 %.

And then it says "Written Expression Score (bolded) 70% and has the number of questions I got correct out of a said amt of questions. Here's where I'm confused... if you add up my 100, 53, 73 and divide by 3 you do NOT get 70, you get 75.3% .. even if you through the written expression in there and divide by 4 you get a 74%.

I really don't understand from those scores, where they got a 70% overall for my grade. But that's what they're using because if you add my 93 (math) + 70 (reading) you get 163, divide that by 2 and you get 81.5 .. which = 82% my composite ... but where does the 70 come from? I know you could think .. well it says Science reading comp and your Written expression are both 70, so add them together & divide by 2 and you'll get 70% .. but my scores for my inference, main idea, and outcomes do NOT = 70% .. so you can't just do that .. Ugh, I'm calling the company tomorrow, unless someone can enlighten me.

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you want to get a good grade on your sciences! so then that will improve your scores also


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Okay thank you. I'm in such a decision time right now

But our Science portion wasn't calculated in our score. =\

My grades from HS in Bio & Chem are being counted though.

I think I got an A in bio and a C in chem.

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