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What meds will I see geriatric vs adolescent?


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I will be starting a two week orientation prior to going on the floor as a nurse at a psych hospital that has 8 floors. Starting with child to adolescent to adult to geriatric, CD and detox floors. I do not know at this point in time which floor I will be placed on. So, experienced psych nurses, would you be able to share some "commonly given" meds on an adolescent floor compared to a geriatric floor. Thanx in advance. :nurse:

Actually, there's a lot less variation than you'd think -- except that you'll probably see lots of stimulants (for ADHD) with kids, and lots of the various anti-Alzheimer's drugs (not that they seem to do anything) in gero. Other than that, both age groups get the full range of psych meds ordered.

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Also, you'll probaby see a lot less of the benzos on the adolescent floor. At our facility, we use Vistaril and Benadryl for anxiety for the kids.