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What Math/Science Classes will be useful to me?

Traphik Traphik (New) New

Hello all, my name is Mark and I'm new to the website/forums. During my high school year, I've taken my fair share of math: geometry, algebra 1 and 2, Prob and Stats, a little of pre-Calc. Science classes I've taken: biology, physics, ap-physics b, and hopefully ap biology during my senior year. I have no problem with science classes and I seemed to enjoy them actually, but my problem is with math. Do you guys think I should set of my limits and continue with pre-Calc? If so, why should I and how will it be useful as a college student, because I'm struggling real bad and I'm worried about my future career falling down, also please give me a heads up on what type of classes I should I expect?

SopranoKris, BSN, RN

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If you want to be a nurse, Calculus isn't a requirement. I wouldn't knock yourself out trying to take it in HS if you're not strong in it. Keep your GPA up! :)

AP Biology will be helpful because you can get college credit for it. At my college, that is a required prerequisite for Anatomy. So, Biology would be one less class you'd have to take in college.

I noticed Chemistry missing. That would be super helpful. Can you drop pre-Calc and take Chemistry without penalty?

Adding a Literature elective for further critical reading skills would also be good.

Oops, I already took chemistry and I did really well in the course. I also would take psychology, but the teacher at my school is definitely not the best.