What did you Master's degree cost you?


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Just curious as to how much you paid, what year you completed your master's degree, what state, and what your degree is in. Doesn't have to be a nursing degree, just any graduate degree. I am trying to get a feel for what people are actually paying. Thanks!


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i'm graduating with my mph this december, and i would say that this degree (including tuition, fees, and books) has cost me roughly $25,000. i went to a florida school. i'm also attending a florida school for my msn, but i've just started it, and so far i've spent approximately $1,200, but i'm not complaining though because out-of-state tuition would be much much worse!

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I got my MSN from Boston College in May 2009. The two year full time program cost me $72,000.......go to a state school if you can!!


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MSN, speciality in Anesthesia, Murray State, KY $44000 +/- 5000


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I spent about 63K, but that includes a BSN (ADN to MSN program) and about 20to 25K in cost of living. I could have done it a lot cheaper and not taken out the cost of living, but I had a newborn at the time, and I really didn't want to be the "absent dad".


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I'm starting a direct-entry MSN/CNL program at a state school in California, tuition = about $14k. My living expenses are low 'cause my boyfriend and I are living w/ his parents during the program. Will probably be about $20-25k by then end. (Already have over 30k in loans from undergrad. private school. sheesh!)

Plan on trying to go back for a completion certificate for NP or CNS after some years at the bedside and my current debts are paid down.

Hope there are jobs by the time I'm done with all this in two years.......

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