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What major should you declare if you're an undergraduate?

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently finishing up my first year as a college student in a community college. I declared myself as undecided for now but I know I want to be a pediatric nurse later on. So I was wondering, for anyone with experience, can you tell me what should I declare my major later on (maybe next year)? Do I just do go straight to "nursing" or "pre-nursing" or something else, bio or chem related? I'm kind of confused lol It'd be great if I can get some tips. Thank you so much! =)

Your best bet is to talk to an advisor at your school. Most likely there is a nursing or pre-nursing course load that you'll need to take. And you'll declare the nursing major most likely.

Yes, your advisor will be able to help you with this. Most likely your major would be prenursing or nursing.