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What is the most you've made on a travel assignment and where?


I was told that travel and be very lucrative, but I think that was before the economic collapse of 08. Sadly I didn't travel back then. On the assignments I've taken have around $1400/week with the stipend. But I've talked to nurses that say they are getting $2000. This is ICU. Any ideas why the difference? Do the agencies rates with hospitals vary that much?

Low 50's per hour total compensation is totally doable and even more. But it is on the high end. So most travelers will not make that much. Think bell curve. Some travelers stay at the top. Experience and savvy counts.

The higher pay on a regular basis tends to be in the SF Bay Area. You will also find top rates here and there scattered across the US but the bay area tends to be fairly regular.

Massachusetts, NJ, and NY also tend to have high bill rates. As do Oregon and Washington. So does DC area. All of these have some common ground actually: all are strong union states, and none belong to the nursing compact licensure. But I've also gotten max pay in Ohio of all places, where the Ohio Hospital Association and Cleveland Clinic rules with travel pay rivaling that in the South for bottom of the barrel.