What do you learn in Nursing 1?


I start school in 1 WEEK and was wondering what do you learn/do in Nursing 1... and any tips fo success?:nurse:


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Nursing 1?? Which class? If its Funds then you will learn basics/history of nursing. If its adult 1 then you will learn your foundation to help you through the rest of nursing school. Good luck :)

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im sure its different depending on school/type of program...

in theory we learned fundamentals- a little bit of history, nursing process, etc.

skills we learned and were expected to be able to do in clinical first semester:

med administration (oral, injections, iv)

bed baths

foley caths (insertion, d/c, and maintainance)




head to toe assessments



ng tubes

to name a few, i think there were more.. the only new skills we learned in nursing 2 were trach care/suctioning, and how to scrub in for a surgery... so we learned pretty much every skill we may encounter in nursing one with the exception of those two.

i am in an accelerated diploma program though so we get A LOT of clinical time, i think in some BSN programs the first semester you have all theory and no clinical.


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If its what I think it is cos we don't have anything called nursing 1...probs clinical stuff. So I think in first year we did:

feeding people

bed baths

hand washing

elimination (toileting)


documentation of vitals

oral meds

injection technique (subcuts and IM)


inhalers and about using peak flow device

waste disposal and what to put in what bins

manual handling (lifting boxes and moving patients properly)

thats what i can remember. there was some theory too. the way I learned this was just sitting down and learning all the theory as best as I could. then myself and my friends went to the skills labs to practice blood pressure etc on each other and watched each other lift boxes. it really is the most fun part of the course.....hopefully Im telling you about the correct class but either way you'll probs be doing most of this stuff, may differ slightly but either way Im sure you will do it at some stage. lots of fun :D