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Hi everybody, I'm relatively new on this forum (I've been lurking for a while as a pre-clinical nursing student). But I was just accepted to my local community college's nursing program yesterday! I've got an orientation on June 8th where more information is given out, but I'm dying to know: What are some of the things you learn in Nursing 1 (besides that you've got a long, tough road ahead of you)? :p

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I just completed my first semsester of NS, and now I know:

-The difference between a non-rebreather mask and a Venturi mask, and why it's important to know the difference.

-All the different ways that a person can get nutrition (NG tube, PEG tube, PEJ, TPN), and all the different ways that waste can leave the body (various colostomies, ileostomy, Koch pouch, nephrostomy, etc.)

- How to insert a urinary catheter

-How to insert a nasogastric feeding tube, and how to irrigate, provide nutrition through it, and remove it.

-How to give an enema

-How to change a sterile dressing on a central line.

-How to care for a pressure wound

-The different precautions used in a health care setting and when to use them

-etc., etc.

We basically covered urinary and fecal elimination, wound care, asepsis, nursing history, respiratory system, altered nutrition, legal and ethical considerations, safety and first aid, communication and caring, culture and spirituality, and loss and death. Mind you, we didn't have clinicals. It was just an introductory semester for us, so just Intro to Nursing and Nursing Skills.

our fundamentals class was basically learning the things a cna does, an introduction to critical thinking and nclex questions, therapeutic communication, patient safety, the hierarchy of cna, lpn, rn responsibility, our nurse practice acts. (8 weeks)

our next class: we went through dressing changes, urinary catheters, ivpb, injections, skin conditions, o2 administration, more critical thinking, patient assessment-head to toe (can't think of anything else right now-8 weeks)

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How to act professional

Basic nursing procedures/skills

Nursing Process

Basic medical terminology

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