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Hello again,

After reading of alot of stuff here and not being a nurse yet, I have a question. Most of you work in ICU, Pediatrics, Doctors offices, ER, OR etc.... when you go for a job do you put in for these things specifically or do you just take what you get. I think I would either like to work in ICU or ER how do I go about getting this type of position? Sorry for the silly question your help would be appreciated.



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Back in the day, there were choices you could make on your application. "List 4 areas you prefer to work." "List the shift you prefer to work." If offered a position in an area you'd rather not work, you can always turn it down. In my case, I took whatever they offered cause I needed the money. I still need the money, by the way. heehee


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just look for an opening where you want to go, and fill out an application and tell them. it's not like there is some outrageous number of nurses beating down the doors and fighting for jobs nowadays.

not making fun of you, just a pun.

my guess would be, you can get whatever you want.

rick :)


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With the "shortage" as it is, you can probably name where you want to work depending on where you live. My place allows GN's anywhere in the hospital. If there is a solid orientation program I really don't have a problem with that. I started as a GN in ICU 10 years ago. Never worked any other specialty. Decide which facility you would like to work in and try to talk to some nurses in the various units you are interested in. Ask them how it is to work there. How is staffing, how is the orientation program, etc.

When you are close to being finished with school, visit the places you have decided on and submit an application/resume to both human resources and the managers of the units you are interested in. I don't know about elsewhere but I have been in the same place for 14 years and they continually lose applications, so giving to both the manager and HR should help.

Best of luck to you! Oh, don't be scared off by my screen name. I love what I do but am fed up with the politics of getting it done!


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Be aware that in some places they don't hire for these specialities right out of school. But you might live and work where they do. Best way to find out this is ask the employer.

judy ann

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I have two ideas for you.

#1 wait till you have had some experience in each specialty before you set your specialty in stone. I never would have believed I would even like, let alone love and be good at OB till I was there.

#2 Seriously think about doing a stint (a year or so) in med-surg. I went to school in an old diploma school and spent lots of med-surg time, but still could have benefitted by some time as a graduate.

My wish for you is good luck and WELCOME.:)

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