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I would like everyone to drop a few lines here to let me know what you think nursing is. {Not the obvious, feeding your baby nursing} A short description of your opinion and your duties and how they converge. I am going to write my next column on this subject (I think) if I can figure out the best way to state What Nursing is.

Thanks to all who participate.

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I am a OB nurse so that is where a lot of mine is coming from. You asked so here you are.

I do a lot of teaching, during labor until discharge home. Where I'm at now does not use a lot of pain meds so I teach other methods of pain control. Basic infant care, post partum care, and sexual care is a lot of my teaching. I also am a guide through the maze of medical care during this time. I advocate for services for the family. I help to empower the parents as most of mine are first timers who have family trying to "care" for the infant. I let them know that it is alright to do things their way and not granny's, that this is their child and the decisions belong to them.

I also console the ones who have a loss or the threat of loss. I help them to understand that it was not their fault (most of the time). I also teach fathers that it is alright to be involved during labor and childbirth. that they too should bond with the baby. I do assessments of the baby before and after birth. I help to put a family together.

My definition of nursing is one who has the knowledge to provide care of accepted standards, strong enough to stand for the patient and their rights, believes in self so that can stand strong but bend when needed. Above all has enough feelings that can hurt when things go wrong but will carry on and help families as well as patients. Must have the power to say "I need...." for self.

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