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I have to have a survey for my ISM (Independant Study Mentorship) class and I want to know what inspired you to become a nurse!


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Unfortunately, I went into nursing because the school offered a tuition on us program. I went to school and had to work as an RN for three years full time. Free School! So I went into nursing.

The best part about it was that I worked so darn hard through the program that I when I failed a semester, I went back again to finish. I have really enjoyed nursing care through the years and love the challenges I face as well as the accomplishments I make in patient care. I take pride in the amount of work I (and other nurses) put into it.

Recently I have been inspired by my peers, nurse practitioners, and educators to further my degree. Now of course, I can't wait until the opportunity to gt a masters degree ! I am so thankful to the nurse models that have encouraged me through the years to become a better nurse!


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I was on my way to becoming a Forensic Geo-chemist... joined the college first aid squad and I was hooked, Nursing was a natural progression from EMT to Paramedic to ER nurse... when I was a little EMT, I had really put the ER nurses up on the hero pedastill


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Codependency, of course. Not really, well, maybe just a little (now there's a study). I've always known that compassion is a gift that I possess. I feel comfortable letting others know that I care. I enjoy listening to people's stories, which, by the way is a great distraction for those who are ill. We all have a story! My father was medical, so I have always been exposed to medical terms and hospitals. He is also a compassionate person so I guess I learned a lot from him. I need to tell him that. Hope this helps you. jansgalRN


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I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but I found out how long the educational process was and said forget it. I foremost wanted to be a mom and I just didn't think I could do both adequately.


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I had a favorite aunt who was a nurse.

Then after taking some of the pre-req courses I found that anatomy and all about it was fascinating. Then tie that in with the idea of working at something that is helping people who are either ill or needing some kind of physical assistance and....I was hooked!

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I announced @ age 4 that I was going to be a nurse. I liked the HATS!!!! :rolleyes: I never really changed my mind. Read all the Cherry Ames books I could find, dressed up as a nurse for Halloween, etc.

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